Classic Goemonier


Strong, fast and efficient, the Classic Goemonier is ideal to collect seaweeds and big waste.

Perfected thanks to numerous years by experiences, it's hiched up by 3 points behind the tractor. A jack with double hydraulic effects, connected with the tractor allows the shift of the lower frame to collect or unload seaweeds and waste.

It has 28 teeth quite endowed with springs which evade during meeting of an obstacle, what increases the resistance of the device.

The Classic Goemonier is also equipped with a railing of sieving allowing the flow of the sand during the collection.


  • Finishing : heat galvanized, stainless steel bolting
  • Overall width : 2.50m
  • Length : 2m
  • Heigth : 1.60m
  • Weigth : 750kg
  • Working width : 2.40m
  • Teeth with springs : 28
  • Space between teeth : 60mm
  • Speed beforehand average : 20km/h
  • Wheels of wide capacities
  • Output per hour : 1.5 à 2ha according to condition


Legiret Establishments

Manufacturer of the goemonier since 1971

Classic Goemonier


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