Green Algae Goemonier

Green Algae Goemonier


The beaches of France are touched by the phenomenon of green algae and do not know how to get ride of it. That's why we developed an effective solution, the Green Algae Goemonier.

Based on the same principle as the Classic Goemonier, this device in the peculiarity to collect green algae thanks to its big robustness which supports thier weigth and in its capacity of collection of 3m³.

It has a semiautomatic harness by 3 points and require no hydraulic connection.


  • Finishing : heat galvanized, stainless steel bolting
  • Overall width : 3m
  • Length : 2.15m
  • Heigth : 1.24m
  • Weigth : 1175kg
  • Volume of collection : 3m³
  • Working width : 2.85m
  • Teeth with springs : 32
  • Space between teeth : 60mm
  • Working width : 110cv
  • Speed beforehand average : 20km/h
  • Signs of thougtful road marking in accordance with the current law


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